We're doing it again! We're dropping limited edition pack 2.0 this Sunday November 14 !

This time around, we divided it into two drops: a whitelisted drop and shortly after a public drop.


What's in the Limited Edition 2.0 pack?

✔️ 20 Cards (2 Standard Packs)

✔️ 1 Guaranteed Voodude Legendary

✔️ Limited Edition Equipment: Dark Seeka's Horn

The odds...

🌟 73,16% Chance at a Common Card

🌟 24,38%Chance at a Rare Card

🌟 2,44% Chance at a Legendary Card


The whitelist sale will start before the public sale, and the public sale will begin 2 hours later OR 1-30 minutes after the whitelist drop is sold out (whichever comes first). Keep your eyes peeled during the drop for announcements on the start of the public sale.

In order to be whitelisted for the initial sale, you must own 1 of the 4 characters we released last week. If you do not hold at least one of these characters in your wax wallet, you will not be able to participate in the whitelist drop. But do not fret, you will have a chance to snag a limited edition 2.0 pack during the public sale.

As always, make sure you have enough CPU + RAM to make a timely transaction. We've all been there, clicking to acquire a much anticipated drop, only to realize we're low on CPU, and the transaction is stuck on "loading". When it finally reaches 'approval', the drop is already sold out, and you missed out! Don't let this happen to you! Be sure to stake some CPU/RAM pre-sale so you're ready to go! You can learn how to do that here.

We have 150 trainers interested in the limited edition 2.0 packs― So, GOOD LUCK & GOD SPEED! See you in battle!


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